• Elite FAQ


    Q: I don’t stream, but only make VODs, can I apply?

    A: Yes, all content creators are welcome to apply as long as they are able to reach the basic guidelines.


    Q: I don’t stream on Twitch (or YouTube), can i apply?

    A: Yes, content creators on all platforms (Mixer, Azubu, Facebook etc.) are welcome to apply.


    Q: I’m a minor but was able to reach the numbers, can i apply?

    A: Yes, but you will need to get your parent or guardian’s consent.


    Q: I don’t stream games, can i apply?

    A: Yes, you can apply. We welcome different genres of content creators.


    Q: I don’t reach minimum requirements at the moment, can I apply?

    A: If you are close to reaching the minimum requirements or if you are on a good trajectory to get there soon, you are very welcome to send your application. We will take a look at your content and community to see if you're a good fit.


    Q: Do I have to advertise XSplit?

    A: You will become an official member of the XSplit Elite Program and will look to show this by a number of methods, including appropriate placement of XSplit Elite logos on your online channels/social media pages.


    We ask that you generally promote and recommend XSplit and mainly use XSplit in creating your video content and streams.


    We also ask that you use reasonable effort in promoting the XSplit Elite Program to other content creators that might be eligible to join.


    Q: Do I get free XSplit?

    A: Upon being accepted as an XSplit Elite member your current XSplit account will have a premium license added to it for the duration of your Elite membership.


    Q: How long does the XSplit Elite membership last for?

    A: It will be an ongoing agreement unless terminated by either party by giving 30 days notice. We will periodically review said agreement to ensure that the partnerships are going smoothly.


    Q: What swag do we get and when?

    A: Our aim is for all Elite members to have a premium license, an XSplit t-shirt and other associated XSplit swag. The when is dependant on location and stocks.


    Q: What other benefits/perks are there to becoming an Elite member?

    A: Game keys from various game developers we work with. Special paid promotional opportunities with certain products or partner products. Potential event representation and much more.